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Natalia Modrzynska 


Meet Natalia

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Natalia is a native of Poland, and has lived in the Greater Boston area since 2005.


One of the first things you’ll notice upon meeting Natalia is her warm engaging spirit. She authentically enjoys the process of meeting and engaging with people. She is interested in listening and learning as much as she can, and then finding creative solutions for whatever challenges she’s met with.


Her creativity didn’t start with her real estate career. In fact, Natalia has a background in interior design and staging where she served clients in both Poland and the U.S. for a decade before breaking into the real estate industry. Natalia is also a proud wife and Mom of two children. As you might imagine, she is skilled at adapting to new situations and is highly resourceful. Where there is a will, Natalia will find a way. Her unique perspectives give her clients the highest level of confidence that their goals will be met.


In addition to her native Polish, Natalia is also fluent in Italian and Russian.

When she’s not selling real estate, you’ll find Natalia bike riding, hiking with her dog or sailing with her family.


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